Between January and June Other Sights will share The Foreshore with a series artists who will occupy the space and populate it with the records, artifacts, artworks and other residue of their investigations. We have invited them to work in parallel with us here in the space with an eye to the possibilities this presents for exchange and synergy.




 SAWYER is drawn to the metaphorical potential of the intertidal space for investigating  oral and unofficial histories that have been submerged by dominant narratives that erase the anecdotal and contradictory. In her recent research for her ongoing project The Natalie Brettschneider Archive , she has found some story fragments  that intersect with the immediate surrounding area of The Foreshore space  that she will investigate further. The research may lead to the creation of some visual artworks, the creation and perhaps performance of some songs, or the presentation of informal talks or walking tours.



CAROL SAWYER is a visual artist and singer. Her work often takes the form of photographs, installations, video, and live performances of improvised music. Recent exhibitions include The Natalie Brettschneider Archive in Ottawa at the Carleton University Art Gallery with curator Heather Anderson, and at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria with curator Michelle Jacques. Her most recent video and photographic work, I attempt from love’s sickness to fly, in vain, is on view until May 22nd at Republic Gallery, 732 Richards Street, Third Floor .




Image credit:

False Creek squatters shacks
VPL Special Collections
Accession Number: 42017
Date: 1956
Photographer / Studio: Province Newspaper, Jennings, Byron Charles