Listen here for an excerpt of the Invasion Day Performances that occurred at the Blue Cabin on the Foreshore of False Creek on January 25th. The performers in order of appearance on the recording are: Claire G. Coleman (taken from a recording from Coleman’s performance in Sydney on the Mari Nawi boat on January 22), Jeneen Frei Njootli, Senaqwila Wyss and Miss Christie Lee Charles. This event took place in solidarity with the Invasion Day March in Australia on January 26th, in Sydney, Australia. Other Sights’ was based in Australia working on an artist exchange project there entitled The Future is Floating. In addition to January 26th being Invasion Day, it was also the last day of the artist exchange for The Future is Floating. Artists in Australia Marched in the Invasion Day march, whilst artists in Canada sang and spoke in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of Australia. This event was also a fundraiser to support wildfire relief efforts in Australia.

Thanks to all performers and supporters.